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Tag: artwork

Time For a Change

My life has taken a few turns in the last couple of months and I find myself setting a new course in the direction of the East Coast. I have loved the six year respite that living in Northern California has given me, the fresh air, the hikes and glorious landscapes have been a creative inspiration and it’s also allowed me to slow down and find inner peace. My artwork has flourished and my ability to quiet down and meditate has become honed as well. It’s been time well spent.… Read more Time For a Change

Psychology of Color

I was reading something the other day that mentioned the psychology of color and it reminded me I’d kind of forgotten the tenants behind the subject. So first off psychology of color is the science of how color affects human behavior. It’s a branch of the broader field of behavioral psychology. Color influences perception which influences behavior. There have been studies which show people respond to red or yellow-colored pills working better as stimulants and blue or green -colored pills working better as depressants. Color does plays a role in how we associate… Read more Psychology of Color