Time For a Change

My life has taken a few turns in the last couple of months and I find myself setting a new course in the direction of the East Coast.

I have loved the six year respite that living in Northern California has given me, the fresh air, the hikes and glorious landscapes have been a creative inspiration and it’s also allowed me to slow down and find inner peace. My artwork has flourished and my ability to quiet down and meditate has become honed as well. It’s been time well spent. Each day with this spectacular view has been a gift.



I have always had a restless soul and six years is about my average length of time I spend in any one place.  It seems at the five year mark the siren song for new places and adventures starts to call to me and luckily I have a life partner who feels the same. Now it’s a yearning for the city.

This new adventure will take me back to Florida and to an area that is dear to me, Tampa – St. Petersburg. The Burg has an especially vibrant arts community and I look forward to becoming active in it.

My blog will be on hiatus as I cross the country and settle into city life, and then I’ll return.

Until we meet again ~ ART




  1. As much as I will miss the view through your shared photography and posts, I look forward to the new view and newly inspired art from you and Grimalkin Studios. Wishing you all the best as you continue life’s journey!

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