Mindfulness, is a word with a variety of interpretations.

I’m going to take this blog and explain what it means to me as I often use it as a keyword #mindfulness for my art.

One of the original meanings of mindfulness is simply, keeping something in mind. I like that definition. For me it means it’s a way to intentionally use your memory and over time with practice its the ability to fine tune your judgement.


If you focus on listening first and talking second, it helps to instill a habit of remembering what you’ve heard.  When we focus on talking first, we tend not to hear what’s being said in the moment because we’re busy conjuring words in our head to speak.  By  practicing listening over time you’ll begin to think before acting. Par of the reason is you’ll  reference past experiences and what the outcomes of those experiences were. Mindfulness like this is essential in developing your judgment, for it helps you remember the lessons you’ve learned over time and remember what works and what doesn’t.

While no one readily wants to remember their mistakes, if you’re willing to do so there’s a wealth of information to be learned.  The first is you will stop making the same mistakes. I like to think of mindfulness as a road map, by concentrating on where I have traveled, I have a much better plan for where I’m headed and with a lot less wrong turns!

Mindfulness means less emotional reactivity, but more intentional feelings. Mindfulness means controlling our actions and while giving us more cognitive flexibility.  It means we have control over ourselves. Pretty powerful stuff. So there you have it, next time you see the word mindfulness in association with my artwork you’ll know why I use the word.

Seeking EnsoSeeking Enso

Mindfulness, I believe in its power to be empowering. ~Art

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