A Year Abstracted

It’s not been my best year to sell my art. Perhaps some of that of that is due to the daily barrage of news. It’s been a helluva of ride, I think most of us buckled in and had no idea where this year was going to take us. Even if you limited your news time it’s been hard to ignore and even harder to unplug.  I’ve found my routine has changed & my day now starts with a quick check just to make sure the world is close to how I left it before bedtime. Only then do I begin my old routine of stretching, meditating and heading out to the gym.

While my art sales have slumped, there is some irony in the fact that it’s been a good year for me to create art.  I’ve found the act of creating art is what has held my sense of peace together. Making art has been my place of refuge and a way to work out my responses to the craziness of the world

The piece that represents that best for me is my artwork “Enso Abstracted” Since it’s been a year of enlightenment and imperfection and I can’t think of a better way to express than the classic Zen symbol of Enso. The open circle allows for movement, change and development something we are all in the process of doing both individually and as parts of larger groups.

ENSO abstracted

Visit the website for ENSO ABSTRACTED

As I’ve mentioned before symbolic art holds a special place for me. I love the way a symbol can express large thoughts. Enso is one of those, one symbol representing the very large and complex meaning of Zen.

I have no idea where 2018 will take us but I know art will as always come along on my journey. And I thank all of you who have shared this year with me, you’re the best.

Until next year … ART





  1. I sometimes think art almost (almost) requires hardship or stress. But while it can be conducive to creating, it isn’t so conducive to sales. This year has been weird for me, with health concerns and changes that directly expressed themselves in the pieces I created afterward. But yeah–sales have been only so-so this year.


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