Psychology of Color

I was reading something the other day that mentioned the psychology of color and it reminded me I’d kind of forgotten the tenants behind the subject.

So first off psychology of color is the science of how color affects human behavior. It’s a branch of the broader field of behavioral psychology. Color influences perception which influences behavior.

Supporting One Another
Supporting One Another

There have been studies which show people respond to red or yellow-colored pills working better as stimulants and blue or green -colored pills working better as depressants. Color does plays a role in how we associate color and mood.

Wonder if it matters what colors you surround yourself with? Well it turns out it does and it varies from person to person. People who tend to feel cold prefer warm colors like red and yellow while people who are warm prefer cool colors like blue and green. The climate you live in also plays out the same way, with cool colors being popular in warm climates and warm colors more popular in cool climates.

The culture you live in influences color and it’s called color symbolism, in art & anthropology this refers to the use of color as a symbol in various cultures. Red has various meaning throughout the world, from alerting us to danger to representing love.    These studies show us just how colors have a powerful impact on our psyche.

It a good idea when choosing art for your walls keep this in mind.  When decorating your space remember the colors you choose will play a part in your response to the room. Also ask yourself what you want from your color choice?  A piece of art that stimulates or art that relaxes you after a long day out in the world. Keeping this in mind will help you to make selections that you won’t regret and you’ll achieve the kind of personal space you’ve always wanted.  Color really does play an important role in our lives.

In colorful harmony…ART



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