Still your inner self and find the calm amidst the chaos. ~Kandy Hurley 

I’m excited to share my art “Calm Amidst Chaos” with you.

This year has been tumultuous in a variety of ways. I know my Zen hat has sat askew several times and that’s why I decided to create this work. I’ve had to remind myself to find a quiet calm moment daily and it’s not always easy.

The toughest thing I think is allowing ourselves the moments we need throughout the day to stop, take a big breath and look inward from whatever it is we are doing.

Looking in and taking that breath allows us to be in the moment. It takes practice to close out the noise of the world for even a moment.  Its beneficial to find the quiet, those who meditate learn how to do this for extended periods and find even greater benefits, but even doing this for short periods will give you peace.

Calm Amidst Chaos
Calm Amidst Chaos

The hardest part is giving yourself permission to take a momentary vacation. We’ve conditioned ourselves to be ON from the moment we wake until we fall into bed and sleep. I ask you to think about this is another way. If we left a light bulb on all day even though we didn’t need to, the bulb would burn out faster, it wouldn’t be as efficient or even economical to do this.  So why do this to yourself?

Make a point of starting this today, no matter where you are, what you’re doing, give yourself a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath and concentrate on your breath, feel it as it goes into your lungs and how your body immediately begins to relax as you exhale.  Allow yourself to take a few deep breaths then open your eyes and move out of the moment and back into your day. You’ll feel a positive difference.

To see more of my Zen art visit my website


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