Do not speak … unless it improves on silence. Buddhist Quote

The world can be a noisy place, it seems like we are bombarded with a cacophony of sounds throughout our day. From city to country we are surrounded by noise, phones ring, machinery hums, bells, whistles, sirens scream the list goes on.

When I was working as a social worker in the medical field I was surrounded by people all day, talking on the phone, meeting with people, attempting to find assistance and solve problems all added to the noise and stress in my life.

Returning home at the end of the day and having some silence was a bit of heaven.  There is something about the quiet that covers you like a soft blanket and rejuvenates your spirit.  I think having Zen art in your home envelopes your living space in the same way.  It offers beauty as well as that relaxing feeling that makes your space a haven, it’s why I’m inspired to create Zen art.Buddha in repose web

I was inspired by the quote above and wanted to create something that represented silence. It was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. The less is more theory had to be kept firmly in check and it took me a while to find soothing colors that while pleasing to the eye didn’t add any sense of noise.  This piece “Buddha in Repose” is what I created and it does that for me. There is sense of tranquility that quietly radiates from this art and brings me a wonderful feeling of quiet joy.

It whispers to me and the world just seems a bit quieter I hope it brings you the same kind of feeling.


To see more of my Zen art visit my website


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