Our Tree House

The song by Robyn Hitchcock “We’re Gonna Live in the Trees” has become a kind of anthem at our house. Our house is built into a hill and the top porch is at tree top level.  Birds of all kinds, but especially the hummingbirds have made our porch a place they visit daily year-round. I wake up, look out the slider to see the hummers visiting the feeder and I know it’s time to get up and start my day.

We also have  lovely views with Mount Konocti an active volcano to the West and a vista of Clear Lake and the mountains to the South. It’s so great that we’ve managed not to look at the floor and railings in the 5 years we’ve lived here. Recently I looked down and noticed that the golden California sun had taken its toll on the paint.

So, I’m painting floors, rails and little tiny areas that I never knew existed. If you want to know your property intimately give yourself a DIY project. Here’s proof of my labors and the reason I put it off so long.


Another upside is I’m also painting again on canvas board. It may be having the brush in my hand has energized me, or maybe because the other painting is so tedious, I just needed to feel some creativity. Anyway, I am spending my summer doing both.

Melting Females in Repose rec WebMelting Females in Repose


You can’t fly by degrees but fly an inch and you’ll fly a mile” Robyn Hitchcock

I hope your summer is filed with fun and productivity in whatever direction your energy takes you…ART

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