A Place of Respite

With all the craziness in the world I’m fortunate to live near “The City of Ten Thousand Buddha’s” the nature sanctuary that offers beauty, tranquility and surprisingly great food. The city comprises about 700 acres of land backing up against Enlightenment Mountain.

Once inside the city you are greeted by a sense of quiet, it’s a place of tranquility. Secondly you notice that deer and peacocks roam freely throughout the campus like setting and people walk in an unhurried fashion. As you stroll the grounds take in the restful landscape you start to realize you are feeling a sense of calm and peace.

It’s a wonderful place to step away from the noise and commotion of the world.

The Persian Bird
 The Persian Bird

There is a bookstore to browse and if you get hungry head over to the restaurant. It serves a diverse selection of vegan food, reasonably priced and delicious, even if you aren’t familiar with vegan dining I think you’ll like the food.

“The three thousand great thousand worlds
arise in a single thought.
When the great manifests within the small,
another world is reached.
As the breeze blows through Ukiah, fragrant flowers smile.
When it rains in Talmage, moistened plants rejoice.
With boundless joy and giving, bring benefit to the multitudes.
With vows of kindness and compassion, alleviate suffering and bestow happiness.
The constant changes of the land are speaking the great Dharma.
Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain wells forth from the earth.”

Composed by Venerable Master Hua 4/20/1989

For more information here’s a link to their site City of Ten Thousand Buddha’s

While you may not live near this sanctuary I would love to hear about places near you that offer a respite in the comment section. It would be great to compile a list of special places. Be it parks, hiking trails, museums, anywhere that brings you a sense of peace. I think it’s a great way to spread some joy and we can all use more of that.

Namaste… ART



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