What Goes Round… Mandala Art

What is a Mandala? It’s a complex abstract design this is almost always circular in form.  The word mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle. Mandalas circular designs symbolize the concept that life is never ending.

A Mandala represents wholeness, they are used to remind us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond our bodies and minds.

Historically mandala’s have been used as an art form to help guide people along a spiritual path. In today’s world, they are also valued as an art form for the intricate beauty of the designs. My mandalas are the result of my fascination with world cultures and the blending of those cultures into art. Golden day mandala WEB

I also have a mandala titled “The Dancing Women Mandala” it celebrates the beauty & strength of women united. 

Some of my mandalas combine my appreciation of Celtic and African arts blending two very old and rich cultures.

I think it’s a unique art form and it gives me great joy to create mandalas I also hope they bring beauty and peace in to your world.



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