The Nuts and Bolts

No, this blog isn’t about politics… Or maybe indirectly it is. I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that politics don’t creep into my world. I’m finding the need to direct my energies into a positive venue.

This blog is about my new website and ART journey.  My new site is about 80% complete and I like how its turning out. But it’s tough to be your own editor, even when I read my work backwards I still miss things. So, I’m looking for some guidance.


This my FAQ section that I’ve been working on here’s what I have.

Are other sizes available? Yes, my art is available in a variety of sizes from small to very large. If don’t see the size you want please contract me. I decided not to show every size available because it’s kind of overwhelming to show so many sizes for each piece. 

Is the square artwork also available in a rectangle format?  Yes, most of it is, I’m working on uploading both versions. If you see something that’s only in a square format please contact me, chances are I just haven’t reformatted and uploaded the art yet. 

Do I offer wholesale pricing?  You bet! I’m thrilled to work with interior designers, stylists and shop owners. Please contact me and we can discuss your needs for sizes, formats and quantities. 

I also have additional information about my Satisfaction Guarantee and return policy.

Can you think of anything else that should be included?  Please add it in the comment section. Or you can email me

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this and hopefully its taken you out of the world of politics too even for just a few minutes.

Here’s to all our well being.



  1. I think that you’ve hit most of the most often asked questions…at least the ones I’ve heard. It is hard to proof yourself without becoming hyper-critical of yourself at the same time! Congrats on escaping the world of politics…if only for a few moments. Your new site is beautiful.

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    • Thanks…Ha proofing is tough and you’re so right if I get too picky then I lose my voice and my words sound so stilted. The world will have to have to accept my occasional mistakes and I’ll have to live with them! I thought of something else to add and of course I’ve forgotten what it was, I’m hoping it will float back.
      Thanks for the lovely compliment too.


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