A New Stop on the Journey

So, two months ago I wrote a blog called “Where To Go From Here” in it I wrote about my need to refocus my interest and energies and I promised to keep you updated.

I can say its hasn’t been easy to focus strictly on my art, the weekly political chaos has taken a big place on the radar and I’m sure I’m not alone. So much happens I find it difficult to remember what the political wildfire was from Monday by the time Friday arrives.

I decided that the body of my artwork needed a good housecleaning. I’ve rid myself of some work that no longer has a place in my journey. The body of artwork needed to become leaner and more focused. I have designed a new website to reflect this change. The focus of the website is Muse Art …  as a verb, to muse, to consider something thoughtfully.


Pin Paper on cork board for text and background

My art is simple as in clean lines and simple expression. Whether I’m working as artist or photographer I like the challenge of distilling my art down to where it doesn’t use superfluous decoration.

I’ve always been enamored with symbols and especially like creating symbolic art. In part, it’s the challenge of conveying a deep or large thought by using the simplest form of expression to achieve it that I’m drawn to. There is also a bit of the spiritual relating to the human spirit in my work and now more than ever that seems to be relevant.

My home and studio are my safe places on the planet. They are the places that I have some control over what’s allowed in. The past few months have reminded me just how important and sacred that is, and the art that surrounds me adds to that state tranquility.

With that in mind I have designed the site to showcase my art that’s reflective of peace, tranquility and a feeling of Zen.

Namaste… Art









  1. You are definitely not alone in both the need to refocus or the likely cause of that need! I applaud you on re-taking control. Love the idea of cleaning my artistic house and hope that I have the focus of my own to follow in your footsteps! Love the new website, BTW!

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  2. You thoughts reflect how many of us are feeling and I applaud your efforts to focus on simplifying and finding deep meaning in your work. I love your symbolic graphics. Keep up this good work. Namaste 🙏


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