Tropic Head Trip

FAA Yellow Dors

On the outer edges of China Town in San Francisco is where this doorway is located. I have passed by it numerous times and the little palm tree painting always catches my eye. I found myself wondering about who painted the palms and what they represented. Was it someone wanting to travel? Or perhaps homesick for a place they miss.  Anyway, this doorway got stuck in my head and I decided to photograph it. 

  It was very early in the morning when I went to the doorway with my camera in hand.  Thankfully the traffic hadn’t become too busy though there were plenty of delivery trucks about. I waited until the light at the corner turned red and paying attention not to get hit by the vehicles turning onto the street I positioned myself and took the shot. It turned out I had to do this a few times because I was trying to keep myself out of the refection which was kind of tricky. So, darting in and out of the street with one eye on traffic and the other looking through the viewfinder I finally got the shot I wanted.

As I was packing my equipment the women from the vegetable market across the street called out to me and asked had I gotten the picture? I called back yes. She laughed and told me I had made her smile as I rushed in and out of the street as she could only see my backside playing in traffic. I was lost in my head trying to compose the shot and trying not to get hit by traffic I’d never even noticed her… Hence the name Tropic Head Trip.




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