Where To Go From Here

Ever asked yourself that question, where to go from here?  I sure have, and again find myself asking that question in regards with my art.

In the past year, I’ve followed a path that focused on the business of art and find I arrived at a place that doesn’t hold as much joy. I’ve become separated from creating art for art’s sake. Guess you could say I’m having my own repeal or replace moment.

So how to reconcile the two?  First I think identifying the source of the feeling is the start of fixing it. The past few months I have felt confused as to the direction of my art and for me when things get stressful I tend to create art and not exceptionally good stuff just art, lots of it!  That of course only added to my problem, my poor website was beginning to bulge with all the stuff I’d uploaded to it. You know there’s a problem when you can’t find your  way around your own web site.

Having realized I was in the weeds, I asked someone who’s knowledge I trusted to give me a good critique about my website and my art. And yep that was a bit painful. So I took a couple of days to indulge in foods I shouldn’t eat and veg in front of Masterpiece theater. I’m a sucker for the Costume Drama. I also let the information I had received percolate under the surface, trusting that time would offer me a solution.

Since I’m a believer in repairing not pitching, I think there are ways to accomplish both. Have a business selling my art and still finding the joy of creating. It is a fine balance.

My thoughts on a solution will center around just that, finding a balance. To begin with I have started to make a to- do list again. I write down what needs to be accomplished on the business side and find great satisfaction in crossing items off the list as I get them done. Now the list is never going to end but that’s okay, I’m also using a highlighter so I can go back and read through what I’ve accomplished. I’m a list maker and for some reason I’d stopped doing this for my business, though I wouldn’t dream of going to the grocery without a list. I know it doesn’t make any sense.

Is it the one and only solution?  I doubt it, my guess it’s the first of many but I do feel like I’m gaining some control again and that lessens the stress. Since its almost Springtime it feels like a good house clean after a winter of closed doors and windows.

I promised you when I began blogging it would be about all things art and I think this is very relevant to art. I’m sure this has happened to many artists who sell their art and yet also need to get to the place where the joy of art comes first. If it has I’d love to hear how you handle this.

In the next few months I expect the website will change, as I put it on a diet and refocus my interest and energies. Creating art is like breathing for me it’s something that’s vital to who I am. It’s the place where my head and heart walk side by side. And I’m back on the path.

I’ll keep you posted…ART art-wholesale


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