The Misplaced History of Women

Grimalkin Studio recently came upon a fascinating four-part series on Netflix “The Ascent of Woman” by Dr. Amanda Foreman here’s the website link.  The Ascent of Woman

I’m going to paraphrase  a bit from the website because its description of the series is excellent.  This four-part documentary series is  groundbreaking and was originally created for BBC2.  It charts the role of women in society over the course of 10,000 years. The series is filled with stories of women who have given us contributions and yet remain virtually unknown.  Misplaced kept out of sight and in many cases forgotten. Dr. Foreman does an excellent job of peeling back the layers and presents us with a history that swings between freedom and oppression, inclusion and exclusion.


Beginning with the first episode called Civilization the episodes are as follows Separation, Power and Revolution. This series is about women who have shaped, influenced and helped build the world we live in. Yet they occupy a footnote to history.

It’s a thoughtful and thought provoking series, it asks many questions and gives us answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask.If you’re in the mood to learn and feel empowered this is a series to be watched.

Dr. Foreman can be followed on Twitter  @DrAmandaForeman

Soak up some knowledge…ART



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