Creative Funk?

Ever been in one of these?  I have them from time to time. I was reading an article about Isaac Asimov recently and it reminded me that even the most creative of us go through these periods. Sometimes the well goes dry, it just does. None of us can be creative 24/7 we deplete our energy just like an athlete can tire.

What’s important is what we do while we are in the funk. Whatever kind of art you engage in stop trying to force it. Step away and turn in another direction.

Think about those plans you never seem to have time for, pick one and go do it. I mean it go and do something else. Sounds too easy, like a pat answer but it isn’t, most of us want to force our way through the funk. We keep pushing ourselves and all we do is continue to deplete our resources.


I’ve made a list for myself of things I want to do and when I reach a creative impasse it gets pulled out and I force myself to select something from the list. The list ranges from books I want to read, places to visit and even some documentary shows that look interesting but I never seem to have time for. The important thing is to engage your brain in something else just for a while.

When we nurture a variety of interests it allows our creativity to expand. This is turn gives ourselves room to recharge and even to grow. Trust me before long you’ll have a storehouse of creative ideas that are bursting in your head ready to be fulfilled.







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