Visual Art Why Its Important

Perhaps we take art for granted. We are surrounded by it and yet don’t often stop and take the time to appreciate its value.

Ever have a grueling day and walk into your home and feel the tension begin to release? Take a moment and think, does the art you live with play a role in helping to ease the stress of your life?  From the artwork on our walls, to the artistic designs on our linen and tableware we make choices to live in an environment with art.  We do this because it makes us feel good, it brings an additional level of beauty into our lives, it stirs memories. As I’ve often said art is like a good book, it lingers in our being and helps shape who we are and how we view the world.


Art has been with us on our journey from the paintings on cave walls to the masterpieces showcased in museums around the world. We really are surrounded by it.

Art is a visual language it expresses emotions sometimes better than words. It can provide a visual hug or punch depending on the subject and that’s a powerful tool.

We have chosen to create and live in a world where art is everywhere it’s an integral part of us. It’s a visual record of us, our time on the planet. So take a moment look up and appreciate the beauty we are capable of creating.

Love   Art


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