The Music of Earth

My days are usually spent with a visit to the gym. A podcast turned on, earbuds in place and it’s a great way to learn something as I get my blood oxygenated. I think breaking a sweat is good for my health and my creativity.

This week I was listening to Krista Tippet’s Podcast On Being  its one of my favorites.  She finds the most interesting people to have conversations with.

Her guest Gordon Hempton is an Acoustic Ecologist.  To be honest I wasn’t sure what that title meant but after listening to what he has collected and studied I’m grateful he is doing this work. As The Sound Tracker® he has traveled the last 35 years in pursuit of Earth’s rarest nature sounds. He calls the Earth a solar powered jukebox.


I was blown away by the sounds of nature  he has recorded throughout the world. From the busy Amazon to the soft sounds of the American Prairie he has given us a rare way to enjoy the world.  He says “A quiet place is the think tank of the soul, the spawning ground of truth and beauty.” And after listening to what he has recorded I’m in agreement.

Here is a sound cloud clip from  one of his hikes in the Olympic National Forest Washington   Hike Through the Hoh Valley Rain Forest 

Its recommended that you use ear buds or headphones to get the full effect of what he has recorded. For more of his work you can visit his web site Gordon Hempton

Happy Listening …ART




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