Books I’ve recently read

crop-viewFinished a couple of books last week. One I had been looking forward to was the new one by Geraldine Brooks “The Secret Chord”  the story of King David. I was a tad disappointed in this book it just wasn’t as engaging as her previous works in my view. But don’t let that stop you from checking it out yourself.


The other book is “Goat Mountain by David Vann  which I had picked up randomly while at the library.

The big surprise was David Vann’s book.
It’s a coming of age story of an 11 year old boy with his father and grandfather on a yearly hunting trip.  It referenced King David which was a strange coincidence and while I knew the story took place in Northern California it’s only at near the end when he mentions Lake County Diamonds that I realized it took place here in the county where I live.
This book is great but not for everyone’s taste. It’s reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy  both in writing style and brutal subject matter. It reminded me of Blood Meridian which had been a difficult read for me because of the viciousness of the story line. But it was also a book worth reading.




So I have found new author to read and I’ll be poking around the library to see what else he has written.


Stay Tuned …ART

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