Life Lesson #300

Balance web

The holidays are upon us and for some people it seems  they are a race to be run. I propose we slow down and take the time to enjoy the season. Its kinda cool, when you think about it we have a season devoted to thanks and giving.

 If you are filled with dread instead of joy it may be time to rethink this season. Doing the same thing over and over just because you’ve always done it that way is a very good reason to stop if it no longer brings pleasure. Throw out traditions that don’t work and change it up even if it’s only for this year … Be inventive and creative and most importantly enjoy the people you choose to celebrate with and cherish the time together.

In the past few weeks I’ve learned that two people I respect are in the later stages of cancer and are gracefully accepting of the outcome. This prompted me to think about life and how we meet it everyday. I know people who get up daily and complain about their lives and yet do nothing to change it. I also know people who value each day and find the nugget of goodness to be treasured. I’m reminded that each day holds a life time of memories. Each time we share a laugh, a hug, a kind word, a piece of art or music we are sharing what makes a life. I can’t think of anything better than to live a life of grace.

Enjoy the journey,



    • Thanks Lee, because of crazy work schedules my family has been reinventing the holiday’s just about every year and I guess that has become the one steadfast tradition… I wish you and those you care about all the best for this season and most of all, happiness and joy!


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