Fundamental Art

As an independent artist I tend to branch out in a number of artistic directions. This keeps my creative spirit alive and it opens opportunities to explore new avenues.

Its important to me that some of my artwork is functional as well as arty. Life is bland without art, we should surround ourselves with it and not just on our walls but as a real presence in our everyday lives.Namaste tote
Art comes in many formats and can adorn items we use every day. I want my phone case or tote bag to reflect my creative side as much as the art that hangs on my wall does.

Why? …I think that when you work away from home you most likely will spend more time looking at your phone case or tote than you will your wall art.  Something as simple as a well chosen phone case can bring a bit of your home with you into the world reminding you that you are more than a job title.

Functional art also makes a great gift and shows the recipient that you care enough to give a unique quality crafted item that is not only functional but fun.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.12.40 AM


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