Time To Reboot

red chrome leavesSummer starts out with such promise, all bright and shiny with so many things to do like gardening, water sports, hiking, biking. They are fun but by the middle of August my interest starts to wane in summer activities and I’m ready to say good bye.

September has arrived and that means its time for a reboot. This is the month that feels so fresh and new…. Maybe its all the years of starting school in September or having a birthday in August… Whatever the reason, September feels like the start of a new year for me.

Jacket weather brings cooler temperatures and the promise of those gorgeous long autumn shadows that make photography so fun.

Its also the time to take a look at the interior of our homes and spend some time adding some new life to the walls with a print or a new fave pillow to curl up around on a chilly afternoon.

We spend more time inside in the coming months and its fun to add a new bit of art to the collection!

We just added a couple of metal prints to our walls and I have to say they are everything I’d hoped for. The vibrancy is astounding and the clarity is amazing. Metal prints may be my new favorite medium.

We’ve added a new gallery to our Grimalkin Site called Decor, Apparel and Accessories it links to our other Grimalkin Studio sites that offer products such a pillows, phone cases and t-shirts. Grimalkin Studio offers so many options we know you’ll find something to love!  http://www.grimalkinstudio.com/decor-apparel-accessories


  1. You are right! It is “reboot” time…almost literally for those of us in the colder climates! I like the idea of taking a look around our home and brightening the walls and artwork. Looking forward to what Grimalkin has added new this fall!


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